Erosion Mapping

High precison Erosion mapping

SCS has developed an intelligent coating imaging system which enables maintenance engineers to quickly assess damage to a coated surface in high resolution with wide viewing angles. This technology can be applied in areas where the thickness of a protection layer is critical for example in manufacturing processes or in gas turbines.

Immediate assessment of critical erosion thanks to intelligent colour detection imaging

The coating is layered so that it appears to have different colours at different thicknesses, which enables the erosion detection. It allows identification and quantification of the areas that have reached critical erosion levels in real time, even in dark environments where no other light source is available eg. inside processing reactors or turbines.

The evaluation can be done on the engine or in other machinery where optical access is difficult using borescope like devices. This will be cost effective as engine components can be checked without dismantling the engine.

The coating is based on industrial thermal barrier coating architecture and hence is very robust in challenging high temperature environments.


Erosion measuring sensor coatings can be tailored to customer specific needs eg critical thickness or different layer systems.

High precision

The new method applied by SCS enables high precision erosion measurements down to a micrometre scale, but with large viewing angles so that large parts of a component can be monitored. This technique will enable the degradation of the coating to be monitored and erosion patterns to be mapped in-situ.