Advanced Collection Optic

This OPtical Energy Transfer System (OPETS) is designed to collect light from a moving source in a specified field of view without losing intensity by a narrow instrumentation function. The intensity remains unchanged when moving the source across the field of view. This makes the probe very useful for dynamic applications, but also for scanning operations where the measurement volume changes rapidly in front of the collection optic and usually would require an optic following the measurement spot. The OPETS probe works without refocusing on the new position as standard optics do as it is ‘focus free’.

Be quick, Be efficient, Be Remote…


  • Wide acceptance angle
  • No alignment needed
  • No focusing needed
  • Wavelength discrimination using customised filters
  • Remote measurement capabilities through fibre optic
  • Flat field instrumentation function delivers uniform light collection across all the depth of field.

  • Phosphor thermometry
  • Surface scanning
  • Moving light sources (see flat field of view)
  • Everywhere the measurement volume or light source changes quickly its position while signal strength needs to be maintained
  • Vibrating platforms


Be efficient:
This light collector has a wide entrance pupil diameter to allow maximum light collection across its field of view. This system collects more light than an equivalent imaging optic of the same size.

The OPETS dramatically reduces the complication involved with moving or vibrating light sources.

Be remote:
This customised light collector is delivered with its fibre bundle allowing you to output the collected light to a remote location. It will take your potentially sensitive instrumentation away from the test area and can therefore be applied in areas where access is restricted, protecting the operator and equipment from hazardous environments and avoid health and safety issues.

Be quick:
This non-imaging optic will allow you to accelerate data collection as alignment procedures are kept at a minimum. Changes of position or relocation of measurement equipment can be carried out in minimum time saving time for actual data collection and analysis.


Entrance pupil diameter : 25 mm allowing a maximum irradiance *
Full field of view : 12 degrees of uniform light collection
Fibre length : From 1 metre to specified length
Output diameter : 6 mm
Output angle : +-33 degrees
Wavelength : customised

* The model is also available with customised specs. Please contact us for details.