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10/2016 - Sensor Coating Systems is first tenant at Londoneast-uk and welcomes Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

10/2013 – SCS wins British Engineering Excellence Award 2013

07/2013 – SCS spin-out ACES award

02/2013 – SCS launches OEM development club for Thermal History Coatings

11/2011 – Technology & Innovation Award 2011 short-list

11/2011 – Whittle Reactionaries Prize 2011

10/2010 – STS proves novel on-line temperature detection


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THC User Club

In discussions with respective users the company has been advised to seek to obtain a generic international standard for the technology. Further, it has been suggested that this standard might best be achieved by forming a Users Club of interested parties. The Users Club would be open to current users of thermal paints with associated membership open to all other companies not currently utilising thermal paints because of their technical limitations, but having requirements for thermal imaging of components or assemblies. Initially we are seeking expressions of interest from any parties who feel this technology is of interest or of potential benefit to them.

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