Power Generation:

The harsh environments in the machinery used to generate electric power are particularly challenging for the accurate measurement of critical operating parameters. SCS provides a sensor coating technology which obtains accurate information of operating temperatures in the power turbine.  This temperature knowledge can be used to facilitate predictive maintenance scheduling, reducing unnecessary downtime. Further, the technology can be employed to support the design stage for enhanced plant performance, in particular, for industrial gas turbines.

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The development of advanced engine designs with higher performance levels, but with lower environmental impact, will require the use of smarter, easy to use temperature profiling techniques for stationary and dynamic applications. In particular, new turbocharger developments will be the focus to achieve greenerengines. Turbochargers can be used in gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and even natural gas engines, and they’re becoming a vital part of car manufacturers’ overall plans to increase efficiency and make engines smaller while maintaining or increasing their power.

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Oil & Gas & Plant Machinery

Temperature is often a key parameter in the efficient operation of a plant. SCS offers technology which provides non-destructive evaluation of critical structures to enable the plant to safely operate at maximum efficiency and to optimise plant maintenance.

SCS’s technology can be employed at many stages of the production and distribution of oil and gas, however, particularly relevant application areas exist in refineries. Here a high level of control is required over operating temperatures as they have a direct effect on the efficiency of  production.

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